Transfer start numbers
Weir Venloop 2023
The following rules apply if you want to transfer someone's startnumber to your own name:

Individual participation
1. The starting number will be sent to the originally registered participant (only in case the person has chosen this) with the first name of the originally registered participant on it. Participants must mutually arrange the physical transfer of the starting number.
2. Only enter your data after you have received the startnumber. The organization does not mediate in any case if you do not receive the starting number of another person.
3. Transfer is possible until 26 March (14.00 o'clock).
4. The costs of the transfer are € 3,00. This amount must be paid at the end of the transfer.
5. It is only possible to transfer a race number once.
6. A race number can not be transferred to another distance. Also the expected end time can not be adjusted. However, the gender of a participant can change.
7. Changes will only be visible in the results list after the Weir Venloop.

Koenen en Co Business Run
The transfer of starting numbers for the Business Run can also be done via this form. Please follow the specific instructions given to the "contact person participants".
Data of current participant
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In participating the Weir Venloop, you express to have read the general conditions as published on our website. You explicitly declare to agree with these conditions.
Transfer start number
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