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Wandel4daagse Haarlem 30 May-2 June 2019
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Thanks for your interest. You are going to register now for the 7th Wandel4daagse Haarlem. The first and third day should definitely not dogs (pets) with it.

You can register up to 5 may 2018. After this date you can still only at the start change days. Start & finish-location open from June 15th to July-18:00
It is also possible to participate in per day.

For registration:
Price 37.50 for 4 days. Save: 5.00 for 4 days at KWBN Membership.
Price 10.00 for 4 days for children up to 16 years
For register for 1, 2 and 3 days this year is also possible. An urgent request by us to you in advance in writing.

9.50 price for 1 day
Price 19.00 for 2 days
Price for 3 days 28.50
Save: 1.00 per day for members of the KWBN

After registration 10.00 per day. That can daily at the box office.
Save: 1.00 per day for members of the KWBN

Website: www.wandel4daagsehaarlem.nl
email: administratie@sportwandelschool.nl

If you work for a group of minimum 10 persons want to register please send an email and ask for the registration form for groups.

Want a change, do not write again in, but send an email to administratie@sportwandelschool.nl. This is for 5 may 2018.
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Thursday 10 May
Friday 11 May
Saturday 12 May
Sunday 13 May

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