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De Zestig van Texel 27 March 2022

Welcome to the 16h edition of the 60k/120K around Texel on Sunday 27 March 2022!

The biannual Around Texel run comprises a 4 x 15 km relay and two solo distances: the 120 km en the 60 km. "De Zestig van Texel" is organized by the Athletics Club Texel (AV Texel) and is registered as official race of the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation (KNAU). The team of 10 organizers is helped by 160 volunteers on race day.

A nice short movie of the race Around Texel was made during the previous edition by Han Savelkoel and his Bonhansa crew: De Zestig van Texel 2019

The race around Texel was on Easter Monday of the odd years but since 2019 it will be outside the tourist-crowded Easter. This time the race was originally planned on Sunday 28 March 2021 (one week before Easter) but due to the corona pandemic the race has been postponed to Sunday 27 March 2022 (three weeks befor Easter).The run was initiated by Jan Knippenberg, the Dutch ultra-pioneer who lived on Texel since 1984. The first edition of the Texel 60 km race was held on 1 April 1991 and two years later Knippenberg started to organize the 120 km in addition. Unfortunately, nonsmoker Knippenberg died of lung cancer at age 47 in November 1995. There was a moving documentary on national television in 2015 about his 16-days run from Hook of Holland to Stockholm: Forrest Gump on Texel

The 60 km long route on Texel comprises two stretches of beach, of about 10 km in total. The first part of the route goes along the west coast and includes beach, wood, dunes and cycle tracks. The second part along the east coach has paved roads only, and will lead through the villages of Oost, Oosterend and Oudeschild. The final part goes through the area of 'The High Mountain', a boulder clay relic from the Saale ice-age. Here the runners face some little slopes before they approach, downhill, the finish in front of the Stayokay hostel, at the southern site of the island's capital Den Burg. See the detailed map (with about 250 GPS data points) Route Around Texel 60K

The 120 km run starts (in the dark) with an anti-clockwise loop. Runners need a biker (for care) and a GPS (for guidance) during the first loop of 60 km. There are a few bikers from Texel available for the top runners. The runners should prepare (and hand over to these bikers at the start) their own stock of drinks/food needed. In addition, there will a small refreshment post every 15 km. At the end of the first loop, runners turn near the ferry harbour to start the loop in the normal clockwise direction. The front runners will keep their Texel bikers (or get a new one) whereas the slower 120 km runners from then on have to rely on the normal refreshment posts about every 5 km.

The 120 km starts at the bike track near the hostel Stayokay in Den Burg in the early morning of Sunday 27 March 2022 at 04:35 am.
The 60 km starts near the ferry harbour at later in the morning of Sunday 27 March at 10:35 am. Relay teams will start at 11:05 and 11:35 am. Finish for all races: not later than 18:05 (06:05pm) at the Stayokay in Den Burg. This means a 13,5 hour limit for the 120 km race and a 7,5 hour limit for the 60 km race.
Relay teams have to make their entry by a separate link: Relay entry form

Time registration will be by the MyLaps Bib Tag (incorporated in your startnumber) after about 15, 30, 45 km and at the finishline.

The 60 km race is open for everybody and the same holds for the 120 km race, but as far as one of the qualifying standards (see below) describes you.

Qualifying Standards for the 120 km Texel race.
Within the last 8 years (2014-2021) the participants has to have achieved one of the following:
1) Official 100k race within 09:30, or
2) Within an official 12 hours race more than 120 k, or
3) Within an official 24 hours race more than 200 k.
If you have successfully finished the Spartathlon during 2014-2021 (or the 125K Jan Knippenberg Memorial 2014 or 2016 or the 120K Around Texel 2015-2017-2019 or the Friese Elfsteden Ultrarun 2018) you are also allowed to register for the Texel 120K race 2022.
In addition, the organization reserves the right to allow anybody into the 120K race with different achievements than aforementioned. Additional information underlying such a 'wildcard' request should be e-mailed to Henri Thunnissen ( thun007 <> home.nl )
Please, if you plan to fill an entry for the 120K race, try to dig the following data from your runners archive before you proceed.

Best race result in the past 8 years (100k, 12 hrs, 24 hrs, Spartathlon, etc)
Event & Year:
Finishtime & Rank:

Alltime PB 100 km
Event & Year:
If you have no 100k result yet, please list no, no, as something has to be filled in each box compulsory (boxes marked with *). These data are needed to have a first impression of your running history in order to judge whether you are entitled to become participant in the 120 km. The data will also be used for the construction of a public overview of the start field of the 120 km like published before: see the 2019-example https://ultraned.org/?p=7307

The first step (of 5 in total) in the entry procedure is right below this long text: you have to choose between 60 km and 120 km.
Based on previous editions, the expectation is that the 60 km may be fully booked, at the end of 2021. For the 2022 edition there are 750 entries possible for the 60K and this will result in an actual start field of about 500 runners (males+females) on race day. No registration is possible on the day of the race. Late entries of toprunners may be accommodated only after contact with thun007 <>home.nl Registration for the 120 km is possible till 7 March 2022, three weeks before the race.

The entry fee for the 120 km is 80 (including shirt) and for the 60 km 65 (including shirt) . Cancellations before Feb.1 2022 will get a 50% refund of the entry fee, but after Feb 1 there will be no restitution.

There will be some newsletters in English by e-mail to the foreign participants registered. Otherwise look at our website: http://www.dezestigvantexel.nl
News and articles on Texel will also be published on https://www.facebook.com/DeZestigVanTexel/ (with lots of photographs) and http://www.ultraned.org

Runners from outside Europe are requested to contact martien.baars <> gmail.com before trying to make their entry. The current entry form accommodates only European bank transfers. Non-European runners will get a special action code to enable their entry. .

Good luck with the entry procedure!

For the organization of De Zestig van Texel,
Martien Baars, PR Around Texel 120K/60K
info@dezestigvantexel.nl, 0031-222-317716
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