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Centraal Beheer Midwinter Marathon 2018

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Dutch participants should use the Dutch version of this form by clicking on the Dutch flag on our website!

You can pre-enter via internet until January 13, 2018 (end of day).
Fields marked with a * are mandatory.

Participants, only having a British bank account, should mail to contact@midwintermarathon.nl instead of using this form. In order to avoid the extra money that British banks ask for a foreign money transfer, we will provide you with a different procedure to registrate and pay. Just sent us an email and we will help you to registrate.

Participants having a non-British Euro bank account: In this form you will be asked to enter account information (IBAN, BIC, Name of the account holder and City of the account holder). This account information will be used to send a single collection instruction to your bank to debit your account. By submitting this form you authorise your bank to debit your account once in accordance with the instructions from Stichting Marathon Apeldoorn.
If you don't know the BIC code of your bank, you can find it on the Internet, for instance on http://www.ibancalculator.com/blz.html
If you suspect that your payment through the one-time collection might not be successful, because you live in a country outside the euro-zone, please send us a mail and we will help you with the registration.

When having any problems with the payment, send an email to contact@midwintermarathon.nl

Once registrated, it is no longer possible to change the chosen distance to a longer distance. Changing to a shorter distance is possible. If you want this, please sent us an email.

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