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Annendaalloop 20 January 2019
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Registration form for participants from other countries than the Netherlands or Belgium

The Annendaalloop is organized by Running Roerdalen.
You can pre-register for the Annendaalloop up to and including January 13, 2019.

By signing up you give Iwan.nl (the company behind Inschrijven.nl) permission to carry out a one-off direct debit on behalf of Running Roerdalen. The debt collection amount will correspond to the registration fee for the selected run.

The debt collection will be carried out in the week before the Annendaalloop.

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In the youth categories up to and including 7 years, boys and girls have been merged into shared categories.

10:00 uur: Youth performance run 4 t/m 9 years - 1000 meter
10:15 uur: Youth performance run 10 t/m 14 years -1500 meter
10:20 uur: Handicapped run - 1000 meter
10:50 uur: 5 km Performance run (from 12 years)
11:00 uur: Quarter and half marathon (respectively from 15 and 18 years)

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